Re Moon



Hampstead Heath



I was walking in Hampstead Heath
where I’d hoped to go for long time.
And I found some peace there.


It was a beautiful day.
Sunshine, warmth, and people’s smile.
They made me comfortable.


Children were running.
Couples were kissing.

I know I’d been like them, but
have already lost my one love.


Where is the PEACE? — Nobody knows.

So I’m looking for the place
where I can feel free
with my precious camera.

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2011/03/27 10:36:43 soniaさん

I know ~I know~the peace in your mind and your heart. (^^)miss you ~

2011/03/28 0:01:54 Ryoさん

Miss you too~, are you alright?
How is your new job?
I really wanna see you, Sonia!
Can’t wait for next year
to see you in Japan, or Taiwan…?
You also have your beautiful peace^^

2011/03/28 16:21:08 soniaさん

ya~me too I wanna see you soon.about my job I felt I’m always lucky to met a good pepole in my life my leader is a tough woman but she really like me I think and we always eat lunch together this is not normal situcation in my company because normaly people doesn’t like have meal with leader but I don’t mind and I always be myself.I hope you also have fun with your job in your life ~it will be wonderful,isn’t it?

2011/03/30 0:09:30 Ryoさん

I’m glad to hear that you’re happy with your new job
and sure your leader likes you
because you’re quite a character!:p
I’m also enjoying my job
but looking forward for residual life here.
It’s only one year, so
I wanna make many experiences until go back.