Re Moon



A man and Akiyo


カテゴリ:日々の出来事, カメラという相棒


When I was walking with Maria on the street,
one man came and asked us
“Do you mind if I ask you to take photo of you by that wall?”

East London.
There are many arty places.
Street arts are everywhere on the wall
and sometimes I see some photography groups
who is taking photos on the street.

He took one shot of us,
and I also took his photo as well.


I’d love to see his photo after he develops
because am sure it would be good memory with Maria!


One day,
I worked as a extra for one movie,
and I met Akiyo there.
We were grid girls…it was so funny.

I went out to drink with her tonight.
It was realy nice time to talk to her.
I met her just only twice, but
we were talking like old friends.

Visit Tokyo if you have any chance to go back to Japan, Akiyo!

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